Ploom X vs Ploom S

10:20 AM - 01.05.2024

Move over Ploom S, it’s time to meet the latest Ploom tech. The new Ploom X takes the heated tobacco smoking experience to a whole new level. Ploom X uses unique technology that delivers authentic and rich tobacco taste intensity from first to last puff. Ploom X doesn’t just deliver on taste, it’s also even easier to use and to personalize too!

Some of Ploom X new features are obvious, others are hidden from view inside its sleek, even more compact body. Let’s explore Ploom X vs Ploom S…

Ploom X new features – on the outside

Ploom X design is as sleek as it is simple to use. Controlled from one button, it allows you to switch the device on, control the LED brightness and lock it too. The LED is your knowledge center, giving live information about battery charge, heating status and session time.

Thanks to its smaller, slimmer design Ploom X is more compact than Ploom S so it’s easier to carry and even more discreet.

Ploom X new features – inside the device

Whilst it may be small, the new Ploom X design is big on new features including an ingenious redesigned HeatFlow system that heats to a higher temperature – as always without any burning – so you get more tobacco flavor and a richer taste.

Which is great news as every Ploom X session now lasts 30 seconds longer than that of Ploom S – reassuring to know that whenever the mood takes you, you can enjoy unlimited puffs of your favorite flavor for a full five minutes!

Ploom X is all about making your smoking moments simply pleasurable. You’ll notice that the first time you switch yours on as it comes with a single heating mode which takes a mere 25 seconds.

Better yet, Ploom X also comes with a more powerful battery than Ploom S, so you get to enjoy up to 23 sessions on a single charge. And, for that moment when you want a longer heated tobacco session, you’ll appreciate that Ploom X works back-to-back for up to three [brand] sticks.

Cleaning your Ploom X is simple too. Only once per pack of [brand] sticks is all it needs, and you’ll be all done in a matter of seconds - that’s all the time it takes for a few twists of the cleaning tool. You don’t even need an ashtray, simply pop any tobacco residue straight into the nearest bin.

Style your Ploom X to suit the moment

Ploom X contemporary design includes a new magnetic front panel that means that, just like magic, you can personalize your device.

Pick from one of four base colors – Champagne Gold, Silver, Slate Grey, or Black – then pop a vibrant design on the front and you are ready to go. With 16 stylish front panels to choose from, you can ring the changes to suit your destination whether that’s your favorite wine bar or snuggling up on the sofa!

What’s more, there is now an even bigger range of [brand] sticks to choose from – check-out the new flavor profiles in this blog article.

You can get hands on with the new Ploom X, enjoy the new five-minute heated tobacco experience and discover the latest tobacco tastes for yourself when you take the Ploom X 14-day free trial.

Or if you are ready just to jump on in, then why not create your personalized Ploom X package complete with stylish pop out panels in the Ploom Shop.

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