How do I use Ploom S?

Here's how to use Ploom S: 

1. Open Ploom S's sliding cover and insert a tobacco stick. Make sure the filter is facing upwards, and the ventilation holes are aligned with the top of your Ploom S. 

2. When you're ready to start heating your tobacco up, press and hold the button until Ploom S vibrates. 

3. If you want to use Ploom S in Quick Heating mode, release the button after the first vibration. If you want to use Ploom S in Intense Heating mode, wait until after the second vibration. 

4. You can check your heating progress using the LED lights - once all the lights are lit up and Ploom S vibrates again, it's ready to go. 

5. Once the heating cycle is almost finished, you'll feel a short vibration. And once the session is complete, you'll feel a long vibration and the lights will go out. 

6. Take out your used tobacco stick - but be careful, it might be hot. You can put it in a stick tray until it cools down. 

To find out more, watch our video on how to use Ploom S. [Insert link to how to use video]

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